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I'm Ritika Gupta and I am here to help you write, edit, and beautify your pieces.

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‘ello Amigo. I’m Ritika Gupta aka @ritikapeace. I am a lot many things, but mostly, a girl in her 20s, passionate about poetry, editing all types of content and scribbling provoking yet relatable stories.

Book Cover | Black

"Black" | Ritika Gupta

Black is written to celebrate the human dynamics. It is an open-ended tale, circled around the male protagonist Arun, a typical college-boy, with so-called fallen actions but a distinct worldview (so-called good heart/soul.)

"The cover is quite realistic and yet mysterious of what the book comprises of (...) The author has given title names such as Black pastel and white pastel, where each one is representing a different perspective. So, it becomes interesting."​

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'Kiss the Peace'

"Coexistence of elements of acceptance, compassion and tolerance can bring about peace and harmony. A beautiful post by @err1585 (now @ritikapeace). Nice flow of words!" --@Mirakee. Ritika Gupta, is a recognized poet, by the official page of Mirakee.


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I believe in power and potential of each written word.

With more than 4+ years of experience in the field of online content, Freelancing gives me an opportunity to bond with my clients at both professional and personakl levels.

I believe in becoming the most preferred partner of my clients by continuously meeting the deadlines, being 100% transparent in my each discussion and surpassing expectations of my clients.

My way of working is all about talking, and understanding the writer’s perspective thoroughly first, to better understand the content, and balance between the creative and technical aspects of the content.

Thus, more than anything, I love to have clients who want me to provide basic proofreading, content modification, rewriting, and editing of various documents, story-books, and even poetry!

From being a ghostwriter to establishing myself as a published author, I today am capable of writing creative, SEO, website, technical, or any reference/research-based content.

My experience in professional, technical, and creative writing is more than four years.

I’m well-aware of all the essential aspects of business blogging, along with best SEO practices.

As a Generalist Writer, I can easily research on almost any given topic (or work according to the provided references), write a good blog, along with injecting all the provided/essential keywords in a natural tone.

In today’s modern world people have truly forgotten the importance of a good proofreader, who can follow house-style guidelines or is even aware about any!

Although, I’m mostly an editor, I welcome projects that allow me to focus more on the punctuation and style of the given piece, which keeps on reminding me, how significant are these minor things in order to draw meaning out of the written piece.

My journey as a 18-year-old novice actually began with this!

My only job as a ghost-writer was to insert in the client’s domain on the given anchor text, without keyword stuffing and through best Grey Hat SEO practices.

Belonging to the family of national and professional artists, I am a design enthusiast.

I love crafting beautiful WordPress Sites, as it compensates my desire to be a fine artist.

It is something I am becoming a professional at steadily. I recently recieved an opportunity to design the website of Registered Government Trust,

A few clients, I was lucky to extend my services to:

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