Prismatic Emotions- My First Failure and Success

Disclaimer: “This post is highly personal, and at the same time promotional.”

  1. How I encountered writing?

I began writing at the age of ten and has remained curious about the world, religion, and ideas, rather than mere words. I still remember how the very idea of making a personal diary got instilled in my head.

Just to digress, it all began one day when I found from somewhere a notebook.

Sounds dramatic, eh? Hehe. It is a bit dramatic, indeed.

It was amidst the various diaries, magazines, and copies of my mother’s work-stuff. I was amazed to see that, although on the front-end it seemed to sound like my brother’s diary, nevertheless, the writing was of my mother; the back-end.

When I inquired about with maa, she told me that she thought of writing a diary for bhaiya and once he’ll grow younger and learn to write, he will continue adding into it, but he never was able to proceed, neither was maa able to maintain it for long.

Today, I believe that that was a significant moment where I just got hooked with this idea of writing a diary from the beginning, i.e., from the time I was born and do what my mom or brother was not able to.

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2. How I encountered my co-author Hritik Vats?

It was during those initial days of college when I was still trying to understand the world outside the walls of my school and home that I began to stay quite lonely mostly due to multiple reasons, including that, that I finally got settled inside my college only after the end of my first semester.

During those months of inner-struggle, I got a birthday present from my brother; a smartphone. It was the second significant turn in my life.

My bracelet of failures had already started to add the loser-beads. The smartphone entered my life to give those beads a shiny look.

I never thought that this little gadget could ever bring me all sorts of emotions, disasters, and calmness, although, I knew one can get addicted to it; I thought I’ll use it only for good reasons, as an asset. But hey, that never happened.

Well…no. It did happen. But it took time for me to balance between my real and virtual worlds.

After a few weeks, I started to explore various writing and reading apps on suggestions from my teachers and friends. It was during that time I found and installed Mirakee. At that point and time, it was still a developing platform for budding writers. Here’s my first post, a poem that I wrote on Mirakee–


That movement of wind,

Seen in those waving greens

Spread throughout the land.

Those untouched,

Unheard lovers,

I can only feel their rhythm

In this silent

Swift and cold harps.

No one captured it.

They all are too involved.

Involved in catching hearts

Catching hearts through,

Through their made up DPs.

-by Ritika ~

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For the lovers of old gone nature

No, no. It ain’t ironical. Believe me. ��

#Ritika #err1585 #mirakee #lost #words”

Yeah, yeah…it’s indeed kinda’ bad lol.

Within a couple of weeks, I made some good friends through this platform, a few of whom are still my friends, and connected with me through various mediums.

One of those friends is Hritik. We both somehow managed to get published after a few months, writing a book together. We wrote, worked, edited, and celebrated the moments together in this journey of us turning from any other writer to touch our first milestone, and most awaited checkpoint in any artist’s life course, to become a published author at least, even if not recognized immediately.

We chose the traditional way of publishing to let our first book out, and although our styles were quite different, and circumstances too, still we were able to connect, arrange for everything, and even make one section completely for our inspirations and supporters.

Here, I would again like to digress a bit. Although we chose the traditional way of publishing, and we are really grateful to Blue Rose Publishers for being the part of our journey as an author, still, here’s my personal review about them– (which must be taken as constructive criticism and not a hate comment)

Blue Rose, literally ruined our book and aim. For any artist, his or her art is priceless, especially if it is about his/her debut. Blue Rose literally played business with us. On the name of 100 % royalty, we were given Rs. 30 out of Rs. 235, which is quite a prize in the debut book of a person, who doesn’t have that much popularity/recognition. When we tried to negotiate on this MRP with them, they said, they need to earn profit too, and it is the lowest they can set. Our idea, our words, our hard work–everything was ruined even further when a book of 100-150 pages were turned to 250 pages plus the not needed blank pages in between. As new authors, we did make the cover by ourselves, but they immediately said, they loved it, and it will be fine–although we did expect them to suggest their ideas too. Moreover, within a month, my friends/family began to send me messages that they were not able to place the order of the book on any platform (Although now, one can easily buy the book through Amazon). We opted for global-distribution too; people outside India were also not able to see our book online; I don’t know why.

They don’t even keep the books printed beforehand; our readers have to wait for 1-2 weeks before receiving the book. Furthermore, we have to “buy” words, cover, and overall book that we owned! Even the typography was done by us! All they did was– increase the pages of our book, print it, and post it on numerous e-commerce sites.

They just did most of the work of any printing corporation– earning profit from the author, consumer, and even the third-party platforms.

Moreover, if someone buys the book from their website, they’ll give us Rs. 100-170; probably Amazon, Flipkart, and ShopClues might take some amount from in-between too, due to which rates were increased further. I don’t really know. But the sad part is– on the stake of author’s art, efforts, and creativity, these local publishers thugs, loots from everyone “legally”, and the only earner here is the publishing house itself. Your book to you might be your little child, and your life– to them its nothing more than a product. But then– I don’t blame them; they only run a business. I don’t think they have a heart, sensitivity, and passion of an artist, or they would have really made us choose the right things, telling us about things very clearly. I don’t think they know how an artist suffers and accumulates the bits and pieces of his soul, heart, and pocket, to finally approach to these people and have guts enough to say, “Hello, we want to publish our book.”

Coming back to the story of publishing. 

3. What happened after publishing Prismatic Emotions: Journey from Heart to Ink by Twin Writers Hritik Vats and Ritika Peace

a. Mistake One

Ritika, I think there’s some mistake here. ‘i’ is written as ‘y’.

After receiving our initial 5 free copies, we reached the house of my college friend, where we clicked several pics and made boomerangs on our Instagram, and then when finally my friend sat down to start reading it on several pages from the book, she made me see various typographical mistakes. I was taken aback a bit, as I was the one responsible for editing, and most of the typography and I cannot literally make any such mistake in typography where ‘i’ was changed to ‘y’. I checked several more pages, and we realized that it is nearly everywhere in the book; ‘i’ was written as ‘y’ in almost every other word.

b. Mistake Two

Oh, editing! Haha, that ‘toh’ I’ll do…

The second big mistake was to literally ignore the importance of various editing tools, and the editor itself.

Here again, I would like to point out that if you have written any book once and have finalized it both as an author, and editor, then do not read it, again and again, to make changes in it, because each next time you’ll sit down to mark mistakes or change the lines a bit–you’ll be able to add/remove something each and every time! This was our second big failure towards the production of Prismatic Emotions. Moreover, the publishers just kept on resending us the copy to edit it more, never literally marking out any mistake–which further confused us. Indeed, they wouldn’t remark/help as decide in almost anything and also– we didn’t check the box of “editor”. 

It was later that I realized the difference between a writer and an editor and that, that they both are equally important in the making of the book. Also, the copyeditor, copywriter, and even proofreader–all of them are there for a reason!

That’s the reason I started to be passionate about editing and decided to become an editor.

Digressing like a pro (L-O-L)–if you need an editor at the genuine+cheap rates, then contact me through SMS at 7838747567, DM at @ritikapeace or Email.

c. Mistake Three

“Oh, let’s add him too, and her too…”

I don’t want to sound rude, and it is strictly a review/article written solely by me.

I think I believed in the random people too much, and when finally the book was out, the most unexpected people bought this book immediately. The people whom we mentioned in the book and appreciated/thanked from the core of our hearts–never really even cared, until either we told/sent them the screenshot of their quote that we have published- ‘as a surprise’- (as we were sure that they will definitely buy the book) in our debut book. Most of them just kept the screenshot.

A few of them did show interest and even tried to buy the book. I sent two-three of them the PDF of the book for free, as I was really overwhelmed to see that they really appreciated our success/progress. Few of them did not even congratulate us. They didn’t show even a little bit of excitement about; never did they ever asked for a screenshot of their words, let alone be buying. (and that’s when all of these are well-recognized writers on Instagram/Mirakee, and they all knew me from the old-batch of Mirakee). I was really taken aback for a moment.

Thus, I think, if you ever write a book, only show your gratitude later to them.

Vo kya hai na, ho skta hai tumhe baad mein realize ho, ki they don’t even give a shit about you or your life. They are only being nice to you out of courtesy. There are very few who really care or follow your progress; your real readers/audience. Baaki toh har dusra dost hai in today’s world.

Indeed; when my own, oldest friends didn’t care much, how could I have expected someone I only knew through online-applications, to buy the shit I create immediately, until and unless he or she literally is my regular reader/appreciator.

4. Conclusion

Now you know, why I call Prismatic Emotions as a book full of mistakes; the kind of blunders I’m proud of. Anyone can learn/feel from this publication journey and the work itself.

You know that’s the thing!

No matter how many errors one may count in this book, the beautiful thing was–people still liked it! Even after soo many inaccuracies. I have always said, language is limited, but it can be limitless when hearts get involved with every next word. Our job as a writer was well-received by everyone. People loved the short stories, the ideas, the theme, and the whole concept of EMOTIONS; a trip from what one’s heart feels to how it naturally just gets scribbled down on paper through the means of language and road of nerves to pen’s nib.

I think whoever did read the pages from this book as a general reader, loved it because of its naturalness, the shivering utterances that one even prattles in reality, and then when one repeats it again in one’s mind, they feel funny and stupid and shy. Also, each and every emotion is covered, and sections are well-defined and divided.

As an ending to this article, here is the Amazon and Back Cover Description of the book–

“No matter how much you may dig in deep to never come back again, always remember, inside the Earth’s core also, there is Existence.” – Ritika

Divided into three sections, “Prismatic Emotions” is a book filled with a variety of feelings felt by our scarlet. As diverse as their own state Delhi and country, India itself and as colorful as their own unique bond as friends, the authors, Hritik Vats and Ritika, have instilled their life in this book. As monotonous as our daily routines, and as complicated as our being, the book possesses the human heart as its most basic theme.

“We are all different and so we are alike!” –Twin Writers.

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Thus, the book is made for all those who have the heart of red and journey of its’ beats. It will take you on a journey from one’s heart and deeds to splashing all of it on the blank page.

“Blank page is like a blank innocent mind of a newborn baby. An artist blots and stains it with his or her understanding; heart and mind.” – Hritik Vats

Singing, capturing and shading each and every drop of ink with red light; passing it through a prism of heart, the colours segregate into various emotions—Prismatic Emotions defies all the logic yet captures the truth and facts of life.

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Prismatic Emotions- My First Failure and Success

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