How to bunk college without staking your marks?

Every student- no– almost everyone in today’s ‘new’ world desires easy-peasy success, absorb things in one read, be the smartest guy or gal’ in the room, and yet wish to escape efforts. Well, the obvious question that arises after dreaming around all of it, is also a constant one, is it possible to hack our education, read faster, and be the topper even after skipping college quite regularly? Well, the answer is both, yes, and no.

Everyone knows that as a regular student, it can be hard to skip the lectures when your attendance, marks, and education at stake. I still remember, how we used to always lose points back in our college days if we didn’t meet the target of 65% compulsory total attendance, according to Delhi University (DU) Guidelines.

But we also at times, deliberately had to attend the classes, as often students lose more than the attendance marks when they bunk lectures– They lose time to prepare, make notes, and simply learn the tips/tricks to crack the exams head-on!

Not only this, but bunking can also often lead to self-pity, regret, and obvious compartments.

Honestly, there’s no way to hack examinations of college or life! You need to put in efforts to gain the results. The truth is there’s no success without consistent, steady, and deliberate efforts. As you might have read somewhere, “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out.” This was said by the American self-help author, Robert Collier.

Or as those old great words echoes often in the voice of Jane Fonda at such points,

“No Pain, No Gain

Accordingly, without falling into any dreamy illusions, firming our feet on the ground, and skimming through the facts– let’s not be saddened, and instead apply such hacks that can help us not only in our exams but literally, read faster, and become smarter!

Here are 5 tips/tricks that can help you hack your education!

Before beginning to pour my thoughts and learnings, I would just like to clear out that,

  1. the following points are influenced by my life, experiences, readings, and observations.
  2. The post is written from the perspective of a college student of DU but is relevant and helpful for almost all of us.
  3. So, feel free to share your tips and thoughts in the comments, and if you are unable to understand anything, desire to ask something, or have any query, then drop me a message.
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1. Spy, Control, Play:

“College is not only about studying

The very first step is to stop limiting yourself! Break the boundaries and paint your way to do things. College is not only about studying. Precisely, college is a training ground for the students who have just completed their carefree lives as small, protected, tender kids, dependent on their parents for their initial growth and development. They have completed developing their physical bodies, and have received the basic minimum knowledge and skills of the world around and before them, to safely survive, communicate, and live in sync with everyone around them.

Now the time has come for these kids to be exposed to the real world. But if you’ll suddenly just put someone inside waters, without any prior training in swimming, but only extensive study about the subject, it would be too hard for him to survive in reality!

A college is a place where you’ll be left on your own midst the storm, to figure out on your own how to handle things. You’ll be trained in reality to deal with the world outside the college-gates, without the help of anyone at all. It is the process fills in the gap between carefree childhood and being an adult.

The very first step, in or at any place new or strange, is to stop, walk, observe, listen, learn, and explore.

Believe in yourself. Control your schedules, not your ideas. Create some definite goals for yourself and focus on them, instead of falling in traps of emotions. Learn to move on. Cherish friendship but at the same time start to live for your goals and dreams.

2. Sleep and Introspect

At times, we get so busy following our routines, that we forget two most important things.

Yeah! You got it right. It’s our sleep and introspection. 

After a long working day, lying on the bed and having good night sleep is the best thing in the world. If you cannot give minimum required rest to your body, then at least try to take 15-20 minutes naps, whenever you can in between your varying tasks. Sleeping helps you memorize things better in your brain.

If you are preparing for exams or trying to expand your knowledge, you’ll wish to absorb what you read.

Try applying the following formula to Memorize, learn, or properly understand what you read:-

  1. Read for thirty minutes:- If you are not a reader, but you know it is important, then deliberately pin yourself down for the first five minutes, and just read without any second thoughts or musings. Try to use your left hand in the index finger, to better grasp things.
  2. Take 20 minutes nap/gap:- I would suggest that you better take nap, especially, if you are not a reader. If not that, then drink water, eat some fruit, go out watch the sky, or just close your eyes and breath deeply. AVOID USING YOUR PHONE, OR WATCHING TV.
  3. Revise what you read:- Now as your nap’s done, revise what you read. Try to pen down whatever you remembered. If you forgot something read again.
  4. The next time you sit down to study, first revise for 10 minutes, then study for 30 minutes, take nap or gap for 10 minutes, and then revise or take down notes of whatever you remembered.

The next most important thing is ‘silence’.

Take out some time for introspection. Where are you heading to? Do you need to change something?

Go back to your prime points; when you achieved your desired goals. What’s the next step to take?

Introspect, but do not practice introspection during your study, nap, or work hours.

3. Surf Around Web

So you thought I’ll tell you to do not waste your time on social media and the internet. Well, come on, let’s be real for a minute– I know how tough that can be, especially in an era, where the world without the internet, is like a lost world.

Moreover, there is no way that you can remain away from social media being a graduating student.

But then, how you utilize your time on social media?

That’s what matters!

If you are always on Facebook, just scrolling and liking random jokes, then you are not doing any good for yourself.

Think if Ayushmann Khuranna would have just scrolled his life away to scribbling on his old blog, liking, dreaming, and commenting on the pictures of other actors like Salman Khan. Do you think he would have been able to achieve what he has achieved right now? It might have been a vigorous journey of so many things that he might have wished to just end and escape from (like in your case, ‘books!’).

At the same time, there are many people today, who have fixed hours for themselves to dwell into the ocean of social. And then there are some who are always online, but surfing new things, new possibilities, researching, exploring and growing. But the problem lies in, as I once said,

We live in an era of information explosion, but lack of real/profound knowledge.

Ritika Gupta

Try to work not only hard but smart.

Try to find out genuine notes and lectures and various e-courses to make your studies easier. There various online courses and tuition centres which help you to hack your syllabus, in a fun way.

Avoid spending hours on reading literally anything and everything though, especially when you need to cover your syllabus.

Do surf, but surf with a clear head, focus, and smartness. Keep the random surfing hours to a limit and in a different slot than the questions, you need answers too as of now.

4. Skip College (sadly, not office)

Try out various attendance apps to keep a check on your attendance. But skipping your classes does not mean chilling and partying around.

Work it out your way but not be stupid!

You learn better when you start to focus on your goals.

Take out limited time for enjoyment and work harder towards your goals. I believe real education is not just inside the classroom, but only when you have a clear target in my mind. You can only focus on something when you have a goal to motivate yourself to keep striving harder.

Below is a list of few things to never lose an opportunity to expand your knowledge base, even if you are not willing to be inside a classroom.

Never miss an opportunity to expand knowledge:-

  1. Read Good Books and Listen to Good Music (say of other regional languages. You can also make your own songs around some concept or formula you need to learn.)
  2. Surf videoes of the world, exploring theories, and knowledge. Target relevant, authentic, and genuine sites. You can begin with educational and fun YouTube Channels like Kurzegsagt, John Green’s Crash Course or VSauce or It’s Okay to be Smart or even channels like of Shane Koyczan for listening brilliant slam poetry or Blenderophile to learn Blender (an open-source 3D computer graphics software)!
  3. Engage in a dialogue with those who are more experienced and smarter than you.
  4. Observe the masters at work.
  5. Travel, feel, and breath in the essence, history, geography, and every other aspect of the place you are visiting. Be it Taj Mahal, or nearby metro station. You’ll be surprised how much there is to know and read, and how much we take for granted.

5. Eat More, Drink More, Laugh, Relax

One very essential thing that probably no one will point at is- to increasing your focus, read faster and absorb more and more is to,

stop stressing around in an urge to know everything deeply.

Let the truth be revealed,

You can never be the smartest person in the room of all-experts in their varied fields. You might have an understanding of the basics of their subject, but you can never compete them fully in what they are expert and vice-versa.

Even Albert Einstein wasn’t an expert in every other field or theory of the world. Gone are the days for that kind of space, peace of mind, and enthusiasm. Gone are the days of greats like Aristotle. Even he wasn’t perfect in literally everything!

You can be the smartest one, only if you take care of your health, keep yourself hydrated, sleep as much as your body demands, and above all if you are calm from inside. Your brain literally stops working if it gets under-pressured all the time. You’ll tend to lose focus, temper, and begin to forget things.


So, now you know, there’s no escaping efforts, no matter if you are a master in your domain or just a college student, who is still figuring out what life is.

The most important thing is to be creative, play around what you need to do, be it something you are just doing for the sake of something else, or something that you are really passionate about.

Working without clear head and goals is just like wandering inside a lost jungle, with no ray of light from any direction at all. Goals keep you focused, motivated, and encouraged. They speed up your efforts and make those efforts feel like meditation. Remember that old saying, happiness is in the struggle, and not the success or achievement itself, that will be temporary.

So, what’s your idea of education and knowledge? And, have I missed something in this list of hacking education?

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How to bunk college without staking your marks?

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