Black is written for us, who often end up prejudicing others, forgetting we all have reason to be who we are; we all have a story; we all possess both the goodness and badness in us. It is a postmodern attempt, to reach out to my readers, directly, without any mediators in between. Away from the business deals, written for you, from me, celebrating human dynamics.About

Black is written to celebrate the human dynamics. It is an open-ended tale, circled around the male protagonist, namely Arun, a typical guy in his college years, with so-called fallen actions but a distinct worldview, and a so-called good heart or good soul.

Arun first sees the girl named Fatima at a gully, being eve-teased. He doesn’t try to help her at all, but stays there, looking at the whole scene. Fatima is a typical young girl of Delhi, with a passion for painting and art. She doesn’t feel bad about how Arun reacted to her case, instead, she tries to be friends with him and even goes to his PG or place where he stays, alone. Arun doesn’t show any interest in Fatima and her talks and screams at her by the end of the day. It’s the last of their meet, after which Arun leaves a letter for Fatima.

What does he say? Do they ever meet again? Why Fatima tries to approach and tries to befriend Arun after what he did to her? What’s their story?

Behind the Scenes

“Black” is an eBook and can be categorised under the genre of Young Adult Fiction, Open-ended story, or teenage fiction. It can also be said as romantic fiction, short-story book, or postmodern novel. The beauty of this 12-page long story is that this fiction is not published through any third-party source, that is, say any young adult fiction publisher, but it is self-published, so as to avoid the extra rates that are applied by traditional publishers in order to incur profits.

Black by Ritika Gupta, is a symbol for many personal revolutionary aims, but more than anything, it is the first step by an author to connect to with her audience directly and make them pay only what’s justified, and genuine.

Number of Pages – 12

Format – .pdf

Rs. 30

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