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“Other than promoting the beauty of art and words, beyond the ideas of current online money-making businesses, another thought behind making @ritikapeace was the fact that I’m not really just a blogger. I never wished to be one! It just happened by chance. I’m a player of words in chase of peace. 

My aim is simple- to earn what you deserve through your art, your words, and then, if you can one day, give it all back to the children, the kids, the youth.” 



My way of working is all about talking, and understanding the writer’s perspective thoroughly first, to better understand the content, and balance between the creative and technical aspects of the content.

Thus, more than anything, I love to have clients who want me to provide basic proofreading, content modification, rewriting, and editing of various documents, story-books, and even poetry!


From being a ghostwriter to establishing myself as a published author, I today am capable of writing creative, SEO, website, technical, or any reference/research-based content.

My experience in professional, technical, and creative writing is more than four years.

Branding, Social Media Management, Designing, and Book Reviews

Considering my experience and training, I’m capable of content branding and social media management.

Other than that, I love to promote new or old but relevant voices. Thus, I love to review the content of any type (and especially novels and poems).

A few clients I have been lucky to extend my services to:

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