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Me and Affiliate Marketing

So, as I have my own website now and as usual, I encountered many suggestions, articles, and thoughts on Affiliate marketing and how can I earn billions through it. I do want to earn big and who doesn’t want to? But, at the same, my heart doesn’t allow me to play only a profit-oriented approach. As a practitioner of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism, I believe in sculpting a win-win situation for both the sculptor, that is me and its viewer/audience, that is you.

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Precisely, I don’t want vague donations, and I’m not great enough to get people to help me through Patreon. My first and foremost goal has remained to become an independent content editor/writer and author.

I never stopped creating, because you told me not to.

I want to work at genuine rates in the most transparent ways with my clients. Nonetheless, the affiliate stuff helps writers, thinkers, and artists like me to keep going even when we don’t have a penny inside our pocket or any clients knocking at our door to get their work done.

To me, affiliates and sites like Patreon are just side-means, which can help freelancers, art-lovers, and creators like us, out on days when we get suddenly out of cash and are in need of some food, or need to contribute to the family income. The generous money of that great person/art-promoter who bought the stuff that we promoted, help us out in those kinds of cloudy days when by a year or so, our 10-18 percent of commissions that we earn gets released by us from our affiliate dashboards.


Find here the simple ways through which you can help me keep this website and my content alive.

Join a win-win Affiliate Plan

Become my partner in victory

I have always been focused on keeping things very clear-cut, and genuine.

If you also wish to earn some extra bucks, you can become my partner. I’ll give you instructions on how you can earn 50 percent on every particular sale you make of my services/books, that is, of whatever I’ll earn. As said before, the sales and amount collected will remain transparent between you and me.

Email me with the subject line, “I want to both earn and help you”.

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