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This particular column covers ways through which you can support/help me (or any artist in that case) to keep this website and my art alive.

As per today (21 December 2019), I have 26 people on my personal mailing list, out of these around 10-19 open and genuinely read/open/click these heartfelt letters, I send to them. Because of these readers, I continue investing in the ways and things, which might turn out, both good for me and my readers/clients.

You can contribute/help me grow by doing any of the following:-

1. Recommend me to clients

Whenever someone needs a content specialist, recommend them to me, or tell them to drop me a quote at This is the best way through which you can help me continue creating, and also, keep this website alive, cuz let’s face it, I need to pay to keep it online.

I want to do only this kind of work the most! I love to have long-term clients.

2. Promote my words

You can promote my words, word-art, social links, and websites, by telling it to your friends, family, and even strangers. I’ll not earn anything through this but respect, respect, and more respect—and you know what? I’ll be overwhelmed. :’)

3. Click on the Commission Links always.

Also, keep track of my words, and the links I share on my social media accounts, websites, and e-mails. Always click on these links. I might earn 0.01 paisa on every click or if you buy anything from the links you visit through me, then I can earn 10-30 percent on each sale. Yes, yes, commission thingy.

4. Contribute through PayPal or UPI


You can also send your desired amount to 7838747567 through Paytm/GPay.

5. Buy My E-Books

Buy my latest eBook– Black. Refer at least one more friend to buy it if you like it.

You can simply Scan to Pay–

Scan It through your Paytm or Tez apps.

6. Support through Patreon

Support with Benefits | Patreon

Although Patreon does deducts 8 percent of all that we earn, it is understandable, and not directly pressurized on us.

You can become one of my Patron, like what used to happen in the times of Kings and Empires. Enjoy the Kingy Vibes, and that too with benefits!

I offer three 3 “Tiers” or kind of packages of benefits. All of them are related to self-help, direct downloads, and personal Q/A sessions, which will take place on a monthly basis.

1. L-O-V-E ($3 or Rs. 213.95)

Dear“, this Particular Tier is all About Love! <3

  • Love from my lens:- Download E-Books around my personally observed secrets behind success around love and relationships.
  • Get an opportunity to join in the monthly Q/A around Love, where you can ask me anything (around love & relationships)!

2. L-I-F-E ($3 or Rs. 213.95)

Friend“, this Particular Tier is all about Life! <3

  • Learn the essentials of life from my lens:- Download E-Books around content that is written in a friendly tone, with an insight on what’s life.
  • Get an opportunity to join in the monthly Q/A around Love, where you can ask me anything (around concepts related to life)!

3. M-E-E ($5 or Rs. 356.59)

Well, this Particular Tier is all About Me! 😛
This Tier includes the benefits of Tier “LOVE & LIFE”

  • You’ll get access to the real-life stories, around my life, (the reason why this tier is a bit more for hearty ones).
  • In addition to this, you can access all the Patreon-only content (it is an immediate one-time benefit).

Find here to join my win-win affiliate program.

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