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Raghav, a half-human and half-alien, has fallen in love with alien Dalius, but as she belongs to a community of "Virtises", they cannot unite.

On the moon of a faraway galaxy, where there’s no sense of preserving identities, a human and an alien, gave birth to a blue-skinned homo, Raghav. He, being a half-human, becomes a hero for his people. Nonetheless, due to an easily manipulated king, who is practicing under the control of humans, Raghav and everyone else, has to work like humans, although, they are being told, its just a game.

Raghav, as usual, getting bored in yet another Earthian Festival, New Year’s Eve, being celebrated yet again on their land, began to lose his consciousness completely, when he looks in the eyes of the waitress, who belongs to the selfless, respect-worthy community, and thus, shouldn’t be looked directly in the eyes, as a sign of respect to them.

What happens next? Who is this girl, and who are selfless, respect-worthy ones? Does the selfless one extend a complaint to the king against Raghav? Who is Raghav? Moreover, how humans discovered this strange planet? What’s the name of this planet?

Step into the world of Raghav, Scroll down the pages and “watch” for yourself.

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Beyond Cliche wattpad book cover
First serialized and a very successful novel (which still remain incomplete), first published on Mirakee and then Wattpad.
Atypical wattpad Book Cover
Another successful book of Distorted or abstract Poetry on Wattpad by Ritika Gupta.
Fluently wattpad book cover
One of the most successful books on wattpad by Ritika Peace is a compilation of her unique prose-poems or as she says, "Distorted Poesy".
A very creative and special book, divided in short stories and poems along the letters of the book's title.
simply wattpad book cover
A book of 10 relatable simple free-verse poems.
DTBH_online story_cover
"Dark Things; Bright Hearts," online story series by Author Ritika Gupta, also, a young Indian female English poet.

Creative Poetry Books and Fiction/Non-Fiction, Young Adult and Teenage Book Collection by Indian English Author and Poetess, Ritika Gupta, better known as @ritikapeace. She is still alive on Wattpad with her old username @er1585

My First Fiction Novel Ever


“Beyond Cliché”, is actually my first story, I left incomplete in between. This story is a magical story. It is moving and takes one close to various eximious and aesthetic emotions of human beings. It is not about creating any love story or friendship. That’s only the very little part of it. It actually portrays the issues that each one of us must question today. It surely talks about personal issues, but equal attention is given to the bigger questions. I’m quite sure you the reader, will feel this beautiful story, as it will touch and play with your heart and mind, in its simplest of ways.

Copyright © (Err1585) Ritika Gupta 2016


Fluently; Poetry/Prose (Distorted Poetry)

Just collection of my quick expressions often called as a free verse or slam poesy. These verses are more than just free verse. It’s the thoughts going in my mind, scribbled as something I call as quick expressions. Feel it as you read it.

Copyright © (Err1585) Ritika Gupta 2016

Vermilion and Scarlet; Love Poetry (along with Hindi Shayris)

The poesy of love is
The journey from,
Red ink to blue;
From heart to paper.

The poesy of love is
Kissed with nine emotions,
Eternal and blend under one;
All the basic nine emotions
are blended in this true amor,
Hitting the two cages,
Letting them free- and slow.

Copyright © (Err1585) Ritika Gupta 2018

Atypical; Distorted Creative Poetry

This book is a part of my much-used term “Transparency”. A book of a few short, and, not many rhythmic frames but filled with random imaginations, an abstract, distorted kind of structures and poetry. 
Feel it, as you read.

I dedicate this book to my friends, family, and teachers. 

Copyright © (Err1585) Ritika Gupta 2018

Simply! ; Reflective Poems for Self

These poems I wrote for myself and were not supposed to be shared initially.

Poems, written for my soul’s peace-feed.

10 Poetries– precise, rebellious, deeply felt, and unique.

Copyright © (Err1585) Ritika Gupta

Older Works

THE HEART IS IMPORTANT; Stories flow through lyrical Poems

What if you hear people’s minds? How it’s going to be like being completely original! No “hidden” something, no “exaggerated” something! But “As It Is”, from one’s mind to another’s mind!
How beautiful and awesome it would be if you can be the reason for someone’s bliss, someone’s awesomeness, part of someone’s life, someone’s soul! “Someone” who is “A Total Stranger”!
How would you feel if you can hear them, their hearts rhythm?
Now, this is no joke. Actually, You CAN!
Like mee.

The Heart Is Important
Copyright © (Err1585) Ritika Gupta

My Friend, My Foe, Forever; Non-Fiction, Short Story

A very short story. This is a real story, for that boy who is my friend, till now. Epic!

Copyright © (Err1585) Ritika Gupta

R!Gu; Non-Fiction; Collection of short stories.

This book, which has compiled the thoughts and struggle stories of teenager reach out to you in its completely transparent form through various voices narrated by a single girl. This is something I had longed to write and publish.
It holds some global concerns as well. You can always share your thoughts on it. Probably Dialogue is the way to change the world and build a friendship.
Keep reading.
I’m sure you would feel it more when you are at your favorite reading spot or in your room, on your bed in silence without anyone around.
Hope you like it.

The girl who is narrating the story holds her own deep story about all of it and why she is so much concerned about youths. Her story would be revealed probably at the end.
At last please ignore the grammatical mistakes. I’m always in the hurry.

Copyright © (Err1585) Ritika Gupta 2016


Dark Things; Bright Hearts by Indian English Author and India-based Editor, Ritika Gupta (aka @ritikapeace) is a new story, which will be available to read online for free without any third-party applications like, Wattpad or Mirakee. At the same time, the story will be posted chapter-wise, or episodically, and thus is being called, New Story Series.

Chapter 3, Coffee Beans, of the book, Dark Things; Bright Hearts, by the online author, writer, and editor, ritikpeace (Ritika Gupta).
Chapter Two, Puke & Splash, of the online story series, Dark Things, Bright Hearts, by ritikapeace.
Chapter One, Fragments, of the online story series, Dark Things, Bright Hearts, by ritikapeace.
"Dark Things; Bright Hearts" by Indian English Author Ritika Gupta (aka @ritikapeace) is a new story series, which will be available to read online for free.
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