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My second poem posted and shared on the online writing platform as err1585 (my initial username) was Caged, posted again on Mirakee. From here on, I’ll be sharing a lot of poems under the category of Initial Online Poetry. I’ll be revisiting all the spaces where I wrote poems, except the places like Haiku Jam, as it was mostly about scribbling down shared poetry, although it was the very first writing application I installed. Around this time only, I also began using Wattpad, on the recommendation of my college friends and classmates.

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My second poem in the world of online writing platforms was an expression of what I was going through at the time. It was quite biographical in nature but turned out to be a little bold as well, as I eventually couldn’t resist myself from connecting what I was scribbling down with the picture of a female who often feels restricted by the conservative ideas of the society around her. No matter how much one may protest, theorize, or debate, certain things are too hard to define, elaborate, or draw any insight upon.

There are people like homemakers, jobless, old, ill, etc. who mostly spend their lives within the four walls of the home. But then, some people willingly decide to stay at home and work; it doesn’t mean they are jobless, ill, old, or incapable of interacting with people outside.

No matter how and why, willingly or unwillingly, all of them are judged by the society in often unempathetic and unsympathetic ways, perhaps because in today’s world, staying within the house is often associated with introverted, lazy, passive, timid, anxious or depressive temperament.

So, here’s the poem, which I named as Caged, for you.

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I’m all messed up.
My hairs are jiggling.
Down my eyes are hues
Of purple and brown.
It ain’t cup-cakes
But looks like two!
Swallowing weeds
On the dull skin.
That nose
Smelling nothing.
And my throat is choking.

My life is messed up.
With me on my bed
And this pillow
Resting so lovingly
On my crossed legs.
This small rectangle box
In my hands
And this pollex
Enjoying the flavours of every inch
Of this screen.
And when it’s done
I’m down again
In my dreams
Thanks to my subconscious.

That’s me.
Alone enjoying three boxes.
First this room.
Second this gadget.
The taming created by my caring society.

I’m all messed up.

by Ritika~


She was ignored. She was butchered and died.
She was caged! She was told to cover and stay safe!
Those smiles, those care, those jolly funny expressions, those beautiful gestures… He once chased for it. But now they are no more! Now, when if they are, they are no more!
“I forgave him as I died. “
“I am killing myself every day, let me too for!” “

I would like to point out that each poem under “Initial Online Poetry as Err1585” will be posted on my website only to keep them all under the one shed. All the ideas, imagery, and thoughts they express are written from the perspective of error1585 or from the pen held by the old Ritika Gupta, who was not similar to the present one.

Change is what the reality of the world is; it is a fact of life. If you wish to reach my core, you need to read not only my latest pieces but the earlier me as well.

You need to base your conclusions about my pieces on not just what’s written but in what context it is written.

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Caged | Initial Online Poetry as Err1585

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