Love and Lust Poetry Series

The following piece is a poetic expression about how I encountered the Netflix's Hindi Movie (or series of short movies), Lust Stories, which is also considered as the sequel of the Bollywood Movie, Bombay Talkies (2013) and is directed by India's four most prominent directors, Karan Johar, Anurag Kashyap, Zoya Akhtar, and Dibakar Banerjee. Inspired by the plot, I later decided to use the movie's concern as my theme for the week, that is, Lust and Love.​

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As I sat down to scribble down my first post

I was encountered with the mess named SEO,

and so, I began playing the game of to-and-fro, only to encounter

the digression called Netflix and also, lust

and it was right there when my mind just flushed!

Through the sentences of poetic verse,

I began to read a review on ‘stories of lust’

Lust Stories Netflix Review, as you may say

by directors like Johar and Kashyap.

And hey!

I assure you, it was not my theory

but inside the web of links and tabs itself,

Yes, yes! Believe me!

I ended up like that!

And I couldn’t believe my eyes

How cool are these guys!

And also, I was a bit amazed at

What people search for!

Like, instead of Lust Stories,

There were trails like,

last story and literally,

it was there, that I last!

No, lost! LOL.

Indeed, continuing my laughs, I took a deep breath,

and decided to play a game with my words

and chose my theme for the next few weeks as

love and lust.

Indeed, a well-directed, disturbing and nicely written series-

Inspired by Lust Stories Cast and the full movie-

I thought instead of reviews and articles,

I will try to portray similar (that is, movie’s) concerns,

through my poetic capabilities,

and alongside, hope to not lose the track of

the flavors of aesthetics

in poetry.

Just to be clear,

I’ll not write about the movie, or

about the movie’s plot.

It’ll be an independently written series of poems

might be equally disturbing,

but away from intentionally written erotica

or about the characters of the series itself.

As a creator of prose-poetry,

and inventor of distorted poetry

I would also like to tell,

that my style is less about language

or earlier (sometimes even present)

styles, forms, or aesthetics,

it is more about expression

blending at times with

it’s most bare, original, and incorrect facets.

Sounds ironic?

Read in-between my words, and about me,

then all might be, relevant.

Going back to Lust and its four amazing stories,

I might use the references from it

in my next pieces.


Beyond the confines of poems,

(as it is my week’s theme)

my thoughts on this topic

might slip away into the spaces

of Instagram posts, articles, and stories.

So stay tuned

and not just sit back and wait

comment down, like, and share your reviews.


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Love and Lust Poetry Series Cover
Love and Lust Poetry Series Cover

Love and Lust is the first series of poetry in English on @ritikapeaceI’m planning to follow a pattern, that is, writing poemsshort stories, quotes, and poetic song translations every weekI’ll follow the same theme on my social media accounts like InstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn.

Poems inside Love and Lust will deal with poetry on lust, feelings of love, and everything in between. No direct relation will be drawn to erotica, but the content might be disturbing, which is necessary too, to make the reader/audience question, relate, and think. Furthermore, there might be references from the Netflix Lust Stories, as, in the end, my week’s theme is inspired by it only. Nevertheless, there’ll be no direct relation to what you might have seen on-screen, that is, all thoughts and ideas on the topic will be my own.

Ritika Gupta AKA @ritikapeace

Love and Lust Poetry Series
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