The Forgiven Lameness

Have you ever thought about how far can this carelessness around the real roots of Rape go?

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Have you ever thought about how far can this carelessness around the real roots of Rape go?

The following piece of poetry is a sensitive work of art, posted by me on Mirakee as @err1585 and a novice. I have re-read, re-observed, and refreshed this piece according to my current knowledge-base around the topic of rising rape culture and how the very roots of it need to be understood, and changed, to completely uproot it.

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P.S.: This poem is published under the web poetry series, Initial Online Poetry as Err1585.

The Forgiven Lameness

And then he waited, waited for her;

He waited for her to come back.


She is the one gone;

She had gone already.


She, who waked up all cold lazy nights;

She, who made him look perfect;

She, who talked about him all the time;

She. who kissed him after his victories and

Let him rest on her chest when he cried.

She, who loved what he loved;

She, who made his favorite dishes all the time;

She, who ignored her for him;

And the list goes on, and on.

Then, one day, everything was shattered;

Shattered when his cries didn’t reach her anymore.

Her face was calm and quiet.

Her eyes closed in peace as she smiled.

Everything came to a standstill then, and

He never was able to bid her goodbye.

Well, when did he ever realized her beauty?

He chased the girls.

He chased the art of sexy.

He chased lust, and I sexed that bootie.

He chased those dark nights and that loud music.

He chased the speed of empty streets.

He had this great list of unheard deeds.

He never realized her beauty, indeed.

Did he?

Now the old lady is no more.

She never thought her son would be the one!

The one, the one who is the victim of her; her girl. 

And when she did saw it, she broke.

And when she did broke,

she still didn’t believe what was shown.

“Those touches,

Those beds,

Those forced cries,

That bloodshed.

Those drunken beats

Those charges.

And I ended up with my own sister!

How can I be soo afloat in my barges?

How? How can this happen?

I can’t sleep, no more!

Those lasses,

ah, humans!

Those voices,

they scream!

Those ruined lives,

on me!

Oh, no! I can’t be!

I killed my own mother.

I lusted for my own sis!

How can this ever be?

That addiction!


I was drunk!

God, I didn’t see…

But how?

How this can be?”

-By Ritika~

Rape is nothing but a mentality, a soch.

I would just like to share here something if you don’t know about what rape culture is.

In the most lingo terms, Rape Culture basically constitutes that it is not just the rapist who is responsible for the rape of anyone (any human, animal, or thing), it is each one of us! From the parents to your friends, and even the movies, songs, arts!

Consider the following:-

  1. How many times a day you hear the word chutiya in a day? Chutiya is a Hindi term for vagina, as much as lund is for Dick.
  2. Have you ever heard your mother say, “Shh…you are a girl” or any guy ever tries to showcase how large his dick is if he is flirting, or even dating? Now he’s not a rapist, but he is also following a mentality around the gender roles and structure.
  3. Have you ever felt too pressurized about staying a virgin, or felt a fear that you’ll be raped? Now, that’s probably not just centered around, you being forcefully made to sex by someone, but also about, how will you survive? What will your parents say? The fear that does come is not due to sex, but the extent to which the other person can harm you forever. It can be torturous rather than exciting.

Another Explained POETRY by Ritika Gupta, GAFFE.

What I’m trying to elucidate is that Rape is not just about the tortured someone, female, or a rapist. It is about soch, about someone’s mentality, mind-set. It is more like an act of torture, rather than about inserting a penis inside any hole. (according to our Indian Constitution). And we all know this, as we all know about the actuality, the reality around male rapes.

It is more about the taboo around sex, vagina, penis, etc, created by our very own (tharki) society, who will stop you from understanding not only the bodies of others but your own body as well. It is the lack of education and prominence towards the differences one creates on the basis of gender, that have lead to increased curiosity around the other gender’s, or in fact, other animal’s body at times. It is also due to the kind of chase Indian and even the world cinema has instilled in the brains of even a 5-year-old kid, that if you are a guy, then you need to follow the girl everywhere she goes, and the female has to react aggressively if a guy even called the other lady cute.

I highly recommend you to watch the following video to understand what’s happening in the nation and the world you live in.

It is long proven how the rapist mentality gets built. It is mostly driven through what they see, what they cannot get, and what they have learned from their society. Most of these rapists learn from not just adults, but also the rape videos that are often uploaded on porn sites.

Don’t believe me? Even I was doubtful until I accidentally during my research for the relevant keywords was encountered by this:-

The Related Keywords around the term “rape” and their Search Volume on Neil Patel’s UberSuggest.

Can you see the number of searches per week? I have also attached the link to it, in its citation/caption. Those all belong to India! It also clears out why Rape is kind of increasing; people love searching, watching, and even practicing it, if not danke ki choth par (announcing everyone proudly) like some actors on screen, then inside the bed, behind the locked rooms, with their wives (or even sisters, friends, even girl-friends, etc), even if she’s on her periods, or just don’t want to do it. Mostly, they don’t even have any say in it. The situation of a male-rape victim in India is even worse, as he cannot even appeal in the Court of Justice (in India), as the constitution of India does not have any clear definition of it.

I don’t know what to say anymore after this.

What do you want to say now?

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The Forgiven Lameness

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