The Untouched Chokes

I imagine those Goddesses at times speaking something like- “I’m Durga, I’m Laxmi, I’m Kaali; I’m the Goddess, I have a husband, and I suffer periods as well. Don’t I? Even if I not, I know, who she is. She is someone who is as female as me, She is my child too, as much as you.”

The following poetry was refined by the 21-year-old Ritika and was first thought and published on Mirakee by the 18-year-old Ritika.

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She has touched everything every day.
Felt the monthly traditions uprooting, and, seen herself change.

Still, they pray.

They pray they pray, those goddesses, they pray,
But without her.

She is untouched.
Soo untouched that even if by mistake he touches her
She gets shaken a bit, like anything.

Still, she utters nothing.

She loves equality and justice but she is polluted, as they have taught her, “That power has made you a girl. “

You need blessings from those goddesses.
But those are sanctioned by touching the feet of her,
Yet that girl cannot touch anything for a goddess, who looks like her.

Because she is a girl,
And nature made her suffer every month.

Because she is a girl.

(c) ritikapeace by Ritika Gupta

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The Untouched Chokes

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