Title (A Poem)

This poem was first written as “Title” by the editor and young poetess, Ritika Gupta

One of the early rhymings, and short poems I posted as Err1585 on Mirakee.

I haven’t made any changes in it, as this poem is precise, simple, and perfect. It doesn’t need any change I believe, except that its “title” could be changed. I probably kept it as it is, as I was not able to name it at all at that time. I still cannot. Any suggestions you would like to give?

Those new looks,

Those funny ideas,

Those happy gestures,

Those blissful sceneries,

Those colourful shades,

and those forgotten carefree days.

No more words can define it.

No single title can comprise it.

No composition can complete it.

Nothing can ever be perfect for it,

For what I had accumulated.

Ritika Gupta (c)

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Title (A Poem)

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