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Free Online Poetry, in mostly English, by the young Indian English Author Ritika Gupta. At times, she also writes poetic-prose.

Mug Time Tales

Access Free Online Episodic or Chapter-wise Fictions blended with non-fictional influences, written for teenagers and young adults, by the published author, Ritika Gupta.

Poetic Translations

Read the aesthetic translations of several Hindi, Bollywood songs, which are my favorite, and probably yours too.

Hindi Translation of the first released single (2014) by Sam Smith, Stay With Me, from the album, In the Lonely Hour.
Hindi Translation of the Single written and sung by Coldplay, Paradise. This will be more like a poetry in Hindi than a lyrical translation. Paradise (English Song) Swarg (Translated into Hindi Poem) When she was just a girl,she expected the worldBut it flew away from her reachSo she ran away in her sleep and dreamed
Chapter 3, Coffee Beans, of the book, Dark Things; Bright Hearts, by the online author, writer, and editor, ritikpeace (Ritika Gupta).
Chapter Two, Puke & Splash, of the online story series, Dark Things, Bright Hearts, by ritikapeace.
English Translation of the song Rozana, written by Manoj Muntashir from the 2017 Bollywood movie, Naam Shabana, starring Taapsee Pannu.

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