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Watched Table No. 21 today, finally. I was lucky, I think, as I was never ragged ever. Instead, my seniors were extremely generous and helpful. Learning from them, we tried to be the same, to our juniors.

I think I never could have possibly just let the ragging happen to me.

The one who does torturous sort of ragging is indeed some kind of evil, I agree. But at the same time, remember that no one can torture you until you let them do it to you. They disturb you cuz you show them that “Yes, I’m disturbed.” FIGHT BACK. SCREAM NO. SAY NO TO RAGGING.

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A few songs that perhaps each youth today, who is above 20, will agree, are the songs they can never forget.
The following is just a promotional and an old piece of content, which I first posted on my WordPress blog, back in 2017.
She is someone who gives blessings as a girl child during Navratri, yet cannot touch the things of that Female God, who looks so alike her due to her body, her periods, which every female on Earth suffers, including those nine you devote yourself too. Strange are some rituals, when goes unexplained with the current continue reading
This rewritten version of a poem, I posted as Err1585 is not particularly a feminist poem in my pov. It rather voices current rape culture, I feel.
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