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Free Online Poetry, in mostly English, by the young Indian English Author Ritika Gupta. At times, she also writes poetic-prose.

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Access Free Online Episodic or Chapter-wise Fictions blended with non-fictional influences, written for teenagers and young adults, by the published author, Ritika Gupta.

Poetic Translations

Read the aesthetic translations of several Hindi, Bollywood songs, which are my favorite, and probably yours too.

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During the days of utter coldness, you need to remember, that, winters are bound to end. Cherish human bonds! Don’t forget to keep yourself warm!

By Ritika Gupta

Poetic English Translation of the new version of the song Yeh Dooriyan from Love Aaj Kal 2.
Chapter One, Fragments, of the online story series, Dark Things, Bright Hearts, by ritikapeace.
Poetic Translation of the lyrics Enna Sona, by budding Indian Author Ritika Gupta. This particular song was written by Gulzar for the movie Ok Jaanu. Lyrics in Punjabi Lyrics in English English Translation इन्ना सोणा क्युं रब्ब ने बनाया (*4) आवां जावां ते मैं यारा नु मनावां (*2) Enna Sona kyu Rab ne banaya (*4)Aanwa …
The following is just a promotional and an old piece of content, which I first posted on my WordPress blog, back in 2017.
She is someone who gives blessings as a girl child during Navratri, yet cannot touch the things of that Female God, who looks so alike her due to her body, her periods, which every female on Earth suffers, including those nine you devote yourself too. Strange are some rituals, when goes unexplained with the current modern world.

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