Raghav, a half-human and half-alien, has fallen in love with alien Dalius, but as she belongs to a community of "Virtises", they cannot unite.

On the moon of a faraway galaxy, where there’s no sense of preserving identities, a human and an alien, gave birth to a blue-skinned homo, Raghav. He, being a half-human, becomes a hero for his people. Nonetheless, due to an easily manipulated king, who is practising under the control of humans, Raghav and everyone else, has to work like humans, although, they are being told, its just a game.

Raghav, as usual, getting bored in yet another Earthian Festival, New Year’s Eve, being celebrated yet again on their land, began to lose his consciousness completely, when he looks in the eyes of the waitress, who belongs to the selfless, respect-worthy community, and thus, shouldn’t be looked directly in the eyes, as a sign of respect to them.

What happens next? Who is this girl, and who are selfless, respect-worthy one? Does the selfless one extend a complaint to the king against Raghav? Who is Raghav? Moreover, how humans discovered this strange planet? What’s the name of this planet?

Step into the world of Raghav, Scroll down the pages and “watch” for yourself.

Chapter 3, Coffee Beans, of the book, Dark Things; Bright Hearts, by the online author, writer, and editor, ritikpeace (Ritika Gupta).
Chapter Two, Puke & Splash, of the online story series, Dark Things, Bright Hearts, by ritikapeace.
Chapter One, Fragments, of the online story series, Dark Things, Bright Hearts, by ritikapeace.
"Dark Things; Bright Hearts" by Indian English Author Ritika Gupta (aka @ritikapeace) is a new story series, which will be available to read online for free.


Dark Things; Bright Hearts by Indian English Author and India-based Editor, Ritika Gupta (aka @ritikapeace) is a new story, which will be available to read online for free without any third-party applications like, Wattpad or Mirakee. At the same time, the story will be posted chapter-wise, or episodically, and thus is being called, New Story Series.

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