Chapter 2| Dark Things; Bright Hearts

Puke & Splash | Chapter 2

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It was around the time when the dusk was about to give in to the bright sun rays of the summer sky, when, a familiar-sounding voice called my name, holding my shoulder.

“Rooh! Rooh!” I shook my head and held my hair really tight in my palms, trying to cope up with the headache I was rewarded with yesterday night’s booze. I was moaning in pain, when, the girl who held me, sat beside me quietly, with her brows collapsed in worry.

Oh, dear Supreme One! Oh God! I cannot believe it’s you! What have you made of yourself– I can’t believe it is that same Rooh who was once one of the finest ones in the class of 50 back in school…”

I was irritated by her dismaying voice. Out of fury, I screamed at her, “Shut up! I said, shut up!” with my eyes still clasped in agony.

I began to massage my head with my fingers dug deep in my head, when she uttered, “I’m really sorry, but please have some water,” extending her orange Tupperware curvy bottle to me.

I opened my eyes, rubbing my left eye with my left palm. I steadily moved my head a bit, looking at the girl with my right eye, over my shoulder. It was Nir. She again offered me her bottle, urging me to hold it, with her brows up and lip curved from the right corner. She looked at me directly in my eyes. I took the bottle weakly with my right hand. I gave her her bottle back as I looked at her packing her same red college cloth-bag after keeping her bottle inside. She was not changed at all, like Sara and Iram perhaps. Nothing about her seemed to be varying from the self she was back in school. I noticed it all with my still drowsy eyes, blurring into nothingness in between. She kept on blabbering something, as she used to earlier. She held me by my arm and made me stand up. She kept my right arm around her neck, and her hand on my left shoulder from behind, as I was not able to stand on my own. After this, even though I tried to move away from her, she didn’t let me go.

I kept on laughing and crying, I remember, but I don’t recollect much about what I said. I am standing in front of the canvas I am painting, trying to think, how must Nir have felt about me. I can hear her windchime again, as the wind touches my skin, entering in my heart and mind, trying to calm me. I hold my left shoulder from front, near my neck, as the sponge in my right black fingers, awaits to be dropped and crawled on the canvas again. Pressing my lower right lip, I look around the room.

“Nir’s Diary…” I utter inside my head, as my left brow moves up, as if, hooked with the urgency of exploring that diary. I walk towards the table near my room windows, on which was resting, the pile of Nir’s life-writings.

(Nir: ) Found Rooh, that good and exceptional, an excellent girl from school, today, on stairs of the hotel of Iram. I kept on banging the doors of both these girls, Iram and Sara, to know what has happened, but none of them opened the door. It seems like I had to come here for Rooh only.

I don’t know what she was gabbling, but she was talking something about Rahaa–someone…I couldn’t understand it at all. I think it is around some guy. I don’t know where her home and family are. I couldn’t just believe my eyes. For once I thought, I was mistaken! Her cheeks are inked with waves of black mascara, and I couldn’t believe what she has made of herself! Her whole knee is wounded with red scratches, and oh my god! I just somehow made her sit in my car and made her sleep on my bed, inside my blanket. She kept on saying gibberish I didn’t understand, and then slept holding my hand firmly. I steadily removed it, and she folded in the fringes of the blanket like she did my hand.

Oh, such a poor soul, I don’t know what to do…I need to go to the office in the morning. It is good that I’m in Gurgaon and not Delhi. I’m concerned about her. I know I was a bit jealous in school from her…but I’m a human. She was a nice girl, a kind lady, and an inspiring one in our group!

As I read this now, all I can do is laugh. I never knew I can be such a trouble-maker. I recall nothing of that day. I remember though that, I did something stupid in her car. I vomited inside it.

That day, once she made me sit in her car in the front seat, I suddenly puked. She saw me once she reached the driver’s seat. She came back to me, held my arm from one hand, and again took me out, making me walk at the edge of the road. Following, she held my hair in a pony, caressing my back, as I bent, and spew completely. After this, she again balanced me to pace, finally making me sit at the back seat of her car as the front needed some cleansing. I was only able to recall this much on my own.

Closing her diary after reading her thoughts, I stand up and again go back to my painting, splashing the paints anew, and spreading whatever I feel about this incident, with a clarity and smile on my face.

to be continued…

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Chapter 2| Dark Things; Bright Hearts

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