Chapter 1 | Dark Things; Bright Hearts

Fragments | Chapter 1

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“You cannot do this to me Iram– Are you insane? Oh, God– I never felt so,” The girl in the long, blue, glistening-gown, was becoming breathless, as her right hand held her gasping waist, and left one held her loose waves, highlighted with the shades of teal.

“I don’t know,” she uttered, as tears didn’t stop settling down on her face marks. “I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know what to do anymore!” She shouted in utter dismay, clasping her lips and teeth, pressing them. She held her hair firmly from the front, pushing deeper into her own breasts, with her arms.

She turned with force and spilled, “You were the one who called me, you were the one who texted me, you were the one who chased me when I was alone! You! Iram you! Like– what are you, girl? What are you! I mean,” She turned and threw out her silver-laced feet, “shit, shit!

She bent her neck backward with her face exposed to the air of that congested narrow hallway. Her face was still covered in tears. She was sobbing, biting her lower lip, trying to contemplate and clear her head, recollecting the waves of those moments when Iram was around her, looking blankly at the roof, rolling her eyeballs in between.

Amid this silence, Iram stepped and embraced Sara, from her left side, blabbering like a little kid, “I’m not like, oh god, I’m not like you…But, I soo love you, I love you…” she whimpered and sighed.

“Oh, Dear Jesus! Leave me! Leave me,” Sara said, pushing her away. She held Iram’s wrist and flung her. Iram’s sobs were inaudible, but the voice of the fragments of her heart was loud.

“But,” she held her vocals, “Bu-ut, I’m sorry, I’m just…I’m just not like you or so many else. Like, even I was unaware, confused, and just didn’t know about it– what- what- what could I have done Sara? I didn’t think you’ll react so.” Her voice lost its pitch and diluted in the storms of the nightfall.

Iram, Sara, and Nir were so-called the punctual, and the most intellectually bright balloons bursting with the sunshine, back in their childhood days. Though they were together always, Iram and Sara were extremely close to each other. Since the time, when their new, college life began, they together saw changes in their speech, routines, physic, and overall personalities. Nevertheless, the day the above happened, Iram had her secrets still hidden in the closet of her mind, body, and heart.

Sara, on the other side, never could feel any such difference, but she never realized that her kisses and touch meant life for Iram.

“Ah!” The girl was dopey as she bumped hard into Iram. She had a cigarette in her right hand and was shining like gold by face. She seemed to have fallen, as her knee was wounded, but the desolate darkness of her eyes and attire covered her scars well. She wore a party bodycon, which looked like some fancy corset.

“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.” Iram was not able to turn around even, to take a look at who the girl was, in whom she thrust her bony shoulder into. She held her gown, which she especially wore for Sara, and paced her steps towards the room number 12.

“Sexy figure, eh.” The girl took her eyebrows up, nodding, clicked her tongue and laughed absurdly. She banged the door, locking it from inside before Sara could enter. “Yes, my girl! That’s how we do it, Boom boom, ha…” The drunken again laughed out loud. Sara saw her but was unable to recognize her, and simply ignored, and walked away, lost in her own shreds, and pieces. She was not in the condition to choose between things or console anyone.

I, that drunken girl, on the other hand, recognized that it was the typically said, “Good girl” of my college. ‘Ah, the old college-days. But I didn’t respond anyway. I sat down in the corridor of the hostel and kept on smoking until the lights of the building shushed there annoying beams.

to be continued…

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Chapter 1 | Dark Things; Bright Hearts

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